The It Person

We all need the IT guy. The problem is that he knows it.. Or she knows it. The result is an over-inflated ego. We know you went to school and got a degree plus (maybe) a masters in something even more complicated but in case you didn’t notice , so did we. . What’s with the jeans and polo neck on a Monday? Is there a different dress code for the IT demi-gods and the rest of us mere mortals? Then the hours they keep. have you noticed that the IT guys always walk in either very early or very late? Again, did we sign different codes of conduct ? They also have this annoying habit of walking out of office when it pleases them. I do concur that there are those few, very few, very very very very very very very few IT people who are the epitome of professionalism but they are not the norm. the average IT person is an arrogant conceited self absorbed socially incompetent egoistic sarcastic lazy ass jerk. When you call for help , they start with inane questions like : “is your computer on? ” Duh!!! Of course its on you moron. How daft do you think I am ? Of course you don’t say that since they have the power to make you scream. You reply with knuckled hands that yes its on. Then the list continues : “is the power on?” “have you switched it on and off?” “are you stupid ?” “is the monitor on ?” “is the keyboard connected?” and when you are done answering them, they tell to start looking at weird things called configuration interlaced with geek words like IP, netbios, DHCP, DNS, postfix, bus, sata and other gibberish like that. If I knew that stuff, do you think I would actually waste my precious time calling you ? Of course you just grit your teeth and dig to the bottom of your patience and say no. then you humbly request the guy to come over and have a look at your PC. After what seems ages, the dude saunters in. these guys walk like they own the company. They have got the intimidation down to an art. Even the MD walks cautiously around them. Well I don’t blame him, we all know the Zain scandal email fire was started by IT guys. These IT guys have unprecedented levels of access to company information. Maybe that’s why their office section looks like a little independent kingdom. Music blaring all the time, food and stuff everywhere, a million and one gadgets , phones without any limit and INTERNET all the time. While the rest of the world is busy at work , these guys are on facebook and making skype calls. I should have done IT. But since I didn’t , I hate all IT people out there. DO your worst.
Provided by Andrew Kasana.
The writer has a running vendetta with IT people. At this juncture , let me remind you that the views expressed by wirters in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the magazine or of other writers in the magazine. The WOrkZine really loves IT people. They are the world’s greatest.


  1. U know i’m one of these IT guys you seem to have issues with, and you’re right a lot of us, myself inclusive are a lot like what you describe. Here is the thing. it goes with thew territory. its like finding a bank teller that’s not a complete ass. or calling customer care and actually speaking to someone that’s got a brain.


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