WORKPLACE Recognition


It only seems but fair that an individual’s hard work at work (donno if thatz gud English) should be recognized by his/her employer.
I think that a person getting recognized at his/her workplace should not be for something someone else would have been able to do but since they were not assigned the task you did it. Hardly, rather I would prefer that the “recognee” must have performed a task beyond the average office personnel capability for him/her to merit the recognition.

What say you might fall in this category of tasks? I answer. what you cannot fathom to perform in your everyday work tasks? Take for example, a public accountant’s role is simply (though it really isn’t) to check against the accountabilities submitted and produce either a damning or promotion-making report. So if from time immemorial all accountability reports for a particular client have been prepared in just over 4 weeks of grueling bashing and candle-lit working nights then there comes Rafayili in his most majestic of sorts and produces a more comprehensive than before-seen accountability report in much less time of 2 and a 1/2  weeks, then surely without a doubt must I be commended for whatever I did to pull that off.
But I ask again does an employer really need to specially thank you for doing your job more efficiently? Why? I mean is it not in your job description and expectations? Okay, maybe you save the company a couple of shillings when you do your job a lot quicker and better than was budgeted but does that mean you should be paid a bonus for having fulfilled your job requirements? No, it is my gain and that is one of the reasons you were hired in the first place, to make me more money coz you said it on the CV, “I am an efficient worker under pressure”.
So I do not understand why people get all fussy and “frowny” when they work their a***s off and seem to expect special treatment at the workplace for having saved a few more dollars/shillings for the majority shareholder who may happen not to even live or have stepped in Uganda let alone Africa. The employers do not care about you. They might say so but deep down, uh ah, they do not. I mean, dude, in a country where more than half its graduates do not get a job upon getting out of varsity and a good number of the other half that do are “over employed” and underpaid (in comparison to Eastern Africa standards) why would you be bickering for a one-off workplace recognition? What you really need is to stand up to your employer and show him or her how great a resource you are to his/her organization and show them that it is in their best interest to pay you more money all the time other than the one-off bonus you are so craving right now.
It would seem to me that the individual that bickers more for a sort-out-my- cash-flows-next-month with a bonus is myopic and actually does not deserve any recognition at all. If at all the boss gives it to you, then he is only playing his capitalist cards right. Nigga <and I ain’t using that lightly>, you have been played! Coz you are going to work harder and save more money but receive less for what you have input. It is only fair that you are paid for what you do handsomely and a mere one-off recognition is not that. You deserve more. So go on and ask for what you truly deserve as a great company resource.


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