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Facebook Status Update: “James is: head over heels in love + J.C & I have finally agreed to see other people (Don’t worry, I think it’s his Father who’s the jealous type)”

So, yes, I’m in love. But let’s put a bookmark on that. We’ll come back to it later. You know how budding relationships are. Don’t want to jinx nothing. Or shout it from the rooftops (I think Workzine would count as a really high one) and two dates you’re totally over it!
But not to worry, my other piece of news should keep us chatting (Yes, I pretend I’m actually having a conversation with you. I’m sad. I got over it) for another 5-30mins. Depending on if you’re dyslexic or not. So, I’ve decided to redefine my relationship with J.C aka the Big Dog aka Jesus Christ. Don’t worry. I think I have his consent. If I don’t… well, if our communication has broken down to the level where I’m getting such mixed
messages, we really need um, counselling? But if you’re reading this and you suddenly have a vision / epiphany / hear a voice from up above saying otherwise please email me. You never know…
See, I’m a scientist. Well, a born artist but bred scientist. But for now, let’s assume nurture trumps nature and I’m a scientist, nebigenderako i.e. evolution theory, big bang, iffy on the Immaculate Conception. But, let’s face it. The world is simply too awe-inspiring for there not to be some divine hand guiding things! You just need to listen to “My Redeemer Lives” to believe. Please don’t start humming it. It gets really irritating when played/hummed
ad naseum. So I’m already stuck half way through Genesis, but my gut – and more importantly Albert Einstein – tell me there’s a God. I’m still imagining we’re all begotten from silly Adam & Eve when along comes Noah, then Abraham, then Moses.

But let’s chalk all this up to history being remixed by oral retelling. Or (my favourite) let’s not take everything literally! Have some imagination people. When God decided to drown the world but Noah & his family, it doesn’t necessarily mean they had to commit incest to undertake his mission to them: “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth.” They probably worked something out. And a lot of the laws probably had to do with the time people were living in and were actually safeguards against cannibalism, murder, the spread of disease and general chaos. I do, however, feel uneasy when everyone gets to pick and choose what should be taken literally & is just an outdated guideline.

Take Lev-20. Should we stone to death all adulterers, petulant sons, homosexuals, incestors and spirit mediums? Who gets to choose? The Vatican? The government? Me? Well, I’m an all or nothing type of guy. Couple that with the number of times I’ve talked back to my parents and you’ll forgive me for not putting a lot of stock in anything from the O.T. The N.T now, that’s an amazing piece of work. Okay, who would say no to a religion that in essence, will forgive you of anything as long as when you say sorry you truly mean it? Genius? No, its called Grace! It does smack of poker though. If you time it just right i.e. while your life’s flashing before your eyes and you have one helluva poker face, well, buddy, you get away scot free. Just don’t blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.
Now I know I sound like the devil, but if you believe anything in this article, believe that I don’t want to come between anyone and their faith. In fact, the above rant is just one side of the argument. The other side is quite short. In fact, it’s just one word. Faith. Enough said. No? Then give Miss Mullen another listen or hold a new born baby and if you don’t get it… honestly? I don’t know. I don’t know everything, you know! So, my conclusion? I’m seeing other people. Or deities… I’ll make sure not to pray or kneel though. Apparently that’s a big no-no, pretty hard to come back from. And I like to keep my options open.

James Dean.<the writer is a scientific saved polytheist. On that note, the views expressed by the writers do not necessarily reflect the views of the management of the WorkZine though they might!!!>


  1. Sir,

    You refer to yourself a scientist. What kind of science do you specialize in? Have you published any works on science? Is your research in any journals?
    See, I like science as well, and I’m psyched to know that we have real life scientists on the work-zine.



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