A month in the life of a y’ung corporate


Let me take you through the life of a Y’ung Corporate in the best way it repeats itself or should I say revolves. A Y’ung Corporate’s month starts with the ever assumed salary hitting the account on the 28th… Okay now I know you are all asking how a month starts on the 28th but the date of salary payment is start of the month, so count along with me.
So the Y’ung gun is paid and he knows he is paid and his friends and pals and haters know he is paid but nooo … he must tell you that he is paid. How does he do it? He makes it rain on the first weekend of the month (usually, 4th to 8th). Anyhow the Y’ung brotha will buy a lot of lagers for all his hommies and some haters who sneak in during happy hour (when our paid brotha is tipsy). If you are under the cloud of salary-dimes you are likely to have great chances of lagers with scattered pork and meat sausages pending on location. A really paid Y’ung Corporate may cause thunderstorms of about 100 to 200 USD deep of rain in a single first weekend of the month.
Now the Y’ung Corporate will realize that he blew a lot of dime on the first weekend but he still wants to show that he makes it rain like Weezy. So he will change venues and instead hit or throw house parties in commemoration of any B.S that he finds worth celebrating. He will basically get the lagers and waragi on credit from his local pub and probably ask you to enjoy the punch first so that the party can go on and on. The ziki is free from one of his mix tape CDs and there may or may not be mchomo at the party depending on which sex he is trying most to impressAfter two weeks of blasting and having paid the landlord, for sure his dimes are fast waning and so must his plot for the weekend. If the Y’ung Corporate happens to be hitched, he will pray that the chickeedee does not request for a Saturday at the Barbeque. For good measure, he will seek relatives and friends who are tying the knot that weekend and ‘get invited’ to the party. For even better measure he will holla at his friends to accompany him to his cousin’s friend’s cousin’s wedding and they will party till 3 or 4 depending the cousin’s friend’s cousin’s family’s spiritual beliefs (I very much doubt if the savedee wedding would go past midnight).
With the Y’ung Corporate having successfully gone through three hangovers then it would only signify that his boss is yet to write him a new cheque for work done that month. Trouble however comes when the Corporate Big Boss has to floss as well and is tied up with cash and such uses half of the salary meant for next month to throw a lavish party for his son’s wedding/grad/kwanjula (which you crashed over the fourth weekend) and as such has to delay salo for at least three-four days (count a week given cheque clearing days). Oooh, that only means our brotha won’t be able to make it rain on the first-weekend of the month. But you are at least sure, someone else will, so you do not really care.

RAFAYILI <the writer is evidently someone to keep around.>


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