Know Your Rights : Sick Pay


Did you know that any employee who has completed more than one month’s continuous service to his or her employer and is unable to work due to sickness or injury is entitled to sick pay?
For the first month’s absence from work he or she is entitled to full wages and every other benefit stipulated in his/her contract of service BUT if at the end of the second month the sickness of the employee continues, the employer is entitled to terminate the contract on complying with the terms of the contract of service.
For the employee to be entitled to sick leave he or she must notify his or her employer as soon as is practicable as to why he or she is unable to work and must also produce at intervals of not more than a week a written certificate from a qualified medical practitioner certifying his or her incapacity for work and the duration of the incapacity.

By Jacque Kasoma <The writer is a lawyer with the Uganda Human Rights Commission and believes in paying it forward by sharing her knowledge. You can follow her on twitter at @jaqa if she lets you.>



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