Random musings…or ramusings!


As I sit in the office, on this cold Monday evening, trying to contemplate the meaning of life while staring at a facebook page and listening to bollywood music, I try to come up with a solution for the writers’ block which has hit me over the past few days and it’s official; I’m STILL blocked. However, when I have nothing to write, I usually like to put it down so that posterity will see that even when I wasn’t thinking, thoughts would still float through my brain…..so, here goes:

There is no water at home. There is electricity. It means that you can’t wash, but you can Iron. This tells me that there is a god; a Greek god, a deranged Greek god in charge of affairs…

Was watching this movie last night. You know how heroes of movies have to overcome hurdles to reach their goal? Well, this heroine’s struggle was ugliness, I mean, she was IT. Her mother was prettier than her, her best friend was prettier than her, even her worst enemy was prettier than her. Then she stepped on a car and all it’s windows burst, that’s now a Godzilla level of ugly. Soooooo hugely ugly.

Then my boda boda guy saw a toy benz (you know the one I am talking about. The only one where the word toy and Mercedes Benz come into your mind at the same time. The one where they wanted a tradeoff between material and style, and style got the unfair end of the deal; looks like a flat nosed boxer…)Anyways, he says  he couldn’t buy the car even if they paid him. That’s way too ambitious, first own the motorbike, which isn’t even a mercedes, then talk about shit you can’t buy. Right now, you couldn’t buy your bike even if the owner paid you!

My kid sis wanted to watch Ice Age 3 for the fifth time yesterday. I know teenagers can be retarded, but you have to draw the line somewhere. What, are you preparing for an Ice Age quiz where you could win millions? No, no, there are parts of the movie that you could have missed the first four times you watched it? Girl, pick up a textbook before I smack you over the head with one. Since paper is from trees, I’m thinking E-paper will be from E-trees. Quite literal, but that’s how they do it in cartoons….

My random rumblings have to give way to an impatient friend who wants to go home now……
Random musings…or ramusings!
Otea the Great!

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