Raising the alarm!


Alarm – sudden sharp apprehension and fear resulting from the perception of imminent danger /A sudden fear caused by the realization of danger./ A warning of existing or approaching danger.

Stay calm or you may get caught in a stampede

In the workplace , causes of danger and fear are not very far. Ranging from a new boss to an old foe, sources of alarms come in various shades and shapes. But the ones to worry about are those that come from outside. Fire and terrorism are primary concerns in many an employ. Smoke detectors, metal detectors, cameras with night vision , key cards and door buzzers are the weapons technology has given us. Ronnie <stanbic > has to go through checks every morning. “Guards are situated at the entrance and if the detector beeps, a checkdown is done. It can be inconveniencing but it does help make fee secure.” Maureen <Barclays> has a key card : “swipe swipe swipe. Swipe here. Swipe there. I guess its to be expected. It’s a bank.” Carol <Huawei>  goes through the rigourous card system at Twed plaze : “it does keep the unauthorized out. It works but has loopholes.” Esther <Eskom> is used to the surprise fire and terrorist drills : “they keep you alert and prepared.” Mike <URA> prefers to digress : “those drills are now a bother. They sound the alarm all the time and when we leave our desks , we find it was just a drill. I have noticed people in the building now stay at their desks when they hear the alarm.” and such an attitude can be dangerous. Charles <morgatech> keeps his eyes and ears open. “in this city, anything can happen.” Riots in the city centre proved him right. Most people heard the shouts and didn’t bother. “Just another disturbance,” Kate <UBA> surmised. By the time she realized that the issue was serious, she was caught at work and could not leave. Sarah <Sheraton hotel> was in shock : “I was so scared when I heard the rumors that kept passing round and round. I almost hid under my desk.” As the dust settled from the chaos, information uncovered reveals that some of the injured and dead were simply victims of circumstance. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Michael , a security officer : “its prudent to respond to any alarm appropriately. If you are at work and something occurs , please take immediate action. Its better to be safe than sorry. A good number of people perished in the New York 9/11 attacks due to a slow response. Panicking is a waste of time and energy . The best thing to do is to keep a cool head and try to identify a place of safety. Letting your instincts take over is usually a bad thing. Pinpointing the danger and its nature is usually the best thing to do. This helps you come up with an appropriate response. sometimes staying put is the best thing to do. Others taking to your heels could save your life. No work is more important than you. Destroyed work and property can be recovered. Your life can’t !”


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