NOT Good With PDA’s


— © normzo

I’m Not Good with Public Displays of Affection Just like me, you have been in situations or places, where this couple, can’t wait but start on each other, I am not good on Public Displays of Affection, I can hold hands, that’s kawa, but other displays are left for the comforts of a private place.

And because of that, I have been accused of being a very un-romantic guy. This is not ‘nugu’, but you look at this couple, it’s like no body is watching what they are doing and yet are. Some displays end up being utterly disgusting to those watching.

Advice: Don’t make out in these places- DON’T!

1. Don’t make out in places where others cannot escape, for example the Elevator at the mall e.g. Garden city just coz you see me, I look cool, and seem to look like I enjoy watching people make out, should not encourage you to make out in a place where I have no escape route, I try not to look, but the mirrors and the way she is trying to push that tongue down his throat is disgustingshameless people.

2. Please do not use that tongue during the day— sucking face is only acceptable at night, when you can use the “I was drunk” excuse. Just sneak little kisses when no one’s looking. I repeat during the day, don’t  use the tongue, and don’t suck on each others faces.

3. Don’t block people from walking out of buildings or bars, just coz your drunk and you think you’re the only two people left in the world, should not make you block exits and entrances. Find a dark place, out of my way and then start doing your thing.

4. Don’t pop each other’s pimples. I have seen that, and that’s completely gross.

5. Don’t dress alike. Just coz you bought some football jerseys with your names on them, should not make you display yourselves at the Kampala Rugby Club walking handin- hand, we have seen that you two are together and after all on her shirt she has MRS *****.and he has MR **** written on the back.

6. Don’t continually touch each other if you’re eating dinner with others. It is very distracting and prevents people from enjoying their meals.

7. Don’t feel each other up. Babie do you mind if I stroke you down, oh, I knew you wouldn’t mind

8. Don’t sit in his lap and don’t kiss loudly What are your feelings towards that? And hey I do not hate on you lovers, I just do mind the place and time we all display some of that stuff.



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