Wedding Checklist and Action Plan

Crédits photo: Catherine Mac photography

In the last ten years , i have organised so many weddings , parties and events that I am able to tell how well the day will turn out as soon as i hear the owner of the event talking. Weddings are in a special category of their own especially the double feature ones of church ceremony and wedding reception . Over the last 6 months i have accidentally bumped into people who are about to get married. We would chat a little and i would share my experiences which they would be grateful for. One of the most helpful tools has this been checklist which defines the key headache prone functional areas and helps to manage them. It was sent to me by a friend and worked wonders. I have made a few minor changes .  If you know someone getting married soon , download and give this to them. It may help cut their wedding stress by half.


I will also share ten tips over the next few days for that all important day which doesn’t have to be a headache




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