Open Letter To Stecia Mayanja.


Dear Stecia,

I may not be a fan of you or your music, but i recognize your efforts in the music industry. I commend them. However i shall not be silent when you misuse your status. To that effect, in my capacity both as a Ugandan with a keen interest in brand advertising and a not-so-fresh graduate who has been through quite a number of branding classes and on a few projects, i have taken it upon myself to address your ridiculous Facebook post here dated 28th October. See, Stecia: in just one  paragraph, you embarrassed FACO (mentioned company that hired you to ENDORSE their body enhancement product), yourself, your fans and frankly speaking the entire branding industry of this country.

Stecia, when you accept to endorse any product, you have claimed it. It becomes you and you become it. In this case, technically, you’re the face of FACO, an example and confirmation that their ”herbs and medicine” are indeed effective in body part enhancement. In fact, as I’ve recently learned, you, in that Ad that still runs on a local TV station, boast of the results you’ve achieved from these products and beseech another party and the audience, to use them for the same results (have the same body form).

Now, for you to come out and deny ever using any of the enhancers, through your social app account on which several of the same audience follow you, is a frankly speaking, sad joke on yourself. You should be sued for breach of contract and defamation, if there was a contract signed anyway. If not, you’re legally free but your mind is still in bondage. Please refrain from embarrassing the nation like this. Hire a publicist and consult them on such matters before abusing the freedom that social media has accorded you to humiliate us, but mostly yourself.

I understand that your body form (as that of many artistes) is your selling point to your fans. That they want you to be the same Stecia, ”same figure, same bum.” However, you should have had that in mind before going ahead to accept ambassadorship for a product/s that dispute that, so that you can ”gain cash.” I with all due respect, would advise (take it or leave it) that you apologize, to FACO first, then to your fans, Facebook friends and followers in that order.

Please allow me to also suggest that you endeavor to improve your English vocabulary or just refrain from using the language. Luganda is a just fine alternative, not to mention, your audience might appreciate it more. I once again commend your efforts in this nation’s music industry.

Edna Ninsiima Y


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