Do women lose their marriage value as they mature?


byLindsey Kukunda on Wednesday, 15 August 2012 at 11:58 ·

I need your opinions on something. A few years ago, a gentleman told me that while he found me attractive and liked me quite a bit, he would not consider me for marriage because he ‘how could he take someone not in her early 20’s to meet his mother?’

I was reminded about this when a couple of days ago, another gentleman posted in face book something along these lines- “How can I take a 30 year old plus woman home when there are so many beautiful young things running around?”

Now is it true that African men are obsessed with ‘spring chickens’? (I have not observed this obsession to marry only young girls among other races. I could be wrong).

is it about fertility? What would make a man insist that he can only take a girl home if she is in her early to mid-twenties?

What say you? I am much puzzled by this phenomenon-Does the worth of a woman have a sell-by date?

(To inject my opinion here, the men who utter such hogwash probably aren’t worth shit themselves. What’s going to happen when their wives eventually turn 30? Start cheating on them with spring chickens? Ludicrous really. Some of them are even fake, hence they only target young immature girls)

Sorry, just had to slot that in! Now- your opinions.

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