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He who fails to learn is a big fool, and these are not exactly my words… I haven’t been around for long, just a few years past 20 but life has actually thrown some lessons at me…My mother taught me as a child that there is no room for regret, you either learn something or you learn something. Maybe one of the lessons ive learnt will be a treasure for you, whichever way things go, i hope that one day you will look back and smile because one of these lessons saved you a great deal of trouble.

  1. You can never make everyone happy! Even Jesus did not, so quit trying to please everyone…You will only end up tired,worn out, weary and with wrinkles…. There is only space for one person at a time.


  1. People who gossip are just cowards who don’t have the strength to say it to your face… However thank God for haters, you can actually choose to see the good in them, after all they can be your driving force to achievement!


3.When love comes your way, grab it with both hands and run. You dont want to be that 40yr old miserable and lonely woman. If he is the one and you know it, quit playing games…the cat and mouse game is old fashioned to me! If i see what i like, i take!


  1. The only difference between men and babies is that men have beards and a whole lot of hair. Men love to be pampered, cared for, looked after and treated like babies….if you fail to do that, dont blame me when he goes with the maid!


  1. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade!!! Quit throwing back the lemon and demanding for apples and mangoes! There can never be a perfect condition, perfect environment or perfect weather for you to launch out! Use evry opportunity that comes your way, great opportunities are disguised in small challenges, be willing to take those on.


  1. You can never be responsible for someone else’s behavior! Everyone is accountable for their actions…Stop making excuses about background, upbringing, finances etc. We have perfect examples of people who chose to swim against the tide and boy, did they turn out to be good! Ok, atleast we know Obama!!! Your step mother is not the reason you turned out bitter, you actually chose to be bitter…we have seen people with step mothers who turned out to be well mannered, kind etc…It is all a choice!!


  1. Women emancipation and women empowerment are two totally different things…Be careful as you pursue the former over the latter, the former may actually not exist!


  1. Trust your instincts! Ive heard it said that its God’s way of letting you know directly! If it doesnt look good, feel great, dont bother.


  1. Life is like a bicycle wheel. Sometimes you are up, but most of the times you are down…Enjoy every season and always forget to be proud!! Pride is destructive! Ask Gaddafi and a whole lot of African leaders!


  1. Choose to be the bigger person…Apologise even if you dont feel like it….For the sake of peace, just say”Im Sorry” We would have many happily ever afters if people learnt how to say sorry! And yes, it would save you so much headache!


  1. Friendship is a two way thing…If they are not putting in any effort, please send them to the recycle bin!


  1. Thank God, he doesnt expose our sins to the public. If he were to tear down the walls of our houses and take off our roofs, idont know if the world would be able to behold the sight….. So go slow when judging other people.


  1. No one beats family…simply no one!! You will quarrel, fight, abuse, frown etc but yes, they will still be family!


  1. Before saying anything, be sure! You would rather be quiet and leave evryone wondering than open your mouth and allow everyone the privilege of confirming that you are a big fool!


  1. Love with all your heart…You may be hurt in the process but atleast you will have given it your all!


BONUS: Dont be S.O.S i.e Stuck on Stupid!!!


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