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Pop quiz time!

Question #1 -What should happen to a student if he/she cheats on a test?
Answer – Take the test away, and give the kid a zero for the test.

Question #2 – What happens if a student cheats on her test in my school?
Answer – The teacher is reprimanded for not watching the kids closely enough and the student receives full credit.

Here is just more proof that my school is beyond messed up. I had a girl cheat on a test last week. She wasn’t even a good cheater. She did the old “open book on the floor” trick. This might have been revolutionary around the time of Gutenberg, but this is the easiest cheat to catch now. I don’t even have to get out of my chair to nail her.

I catch her and take her test away. I tell her that she will get a zero for the test. End of story… Not at my school!

Yesterday, the spineless principal called me into her office. She informs me that the school has a policy to grade students on their academic achievements, not the behavior. Because cheating on a test is a behavior issue, not an academic issue, you cannot lower a child’s grade because of this. So, the grade the student received while reading out of the book counts.

But it doesn’t end here… I was told that Cheating is a result of bad classroom management. If I could control the kids, this would have never happened. I tried pointing out that I caught the student cheating, so I was doing my job. It did not matter, I had a formal reprimand put in my file. It was for “failure to maintain an environment conducive to learning.” I think that giving a student full credit for cheating on a test is not conducive to learning, but what do I know? Ohio Catholic school teacher tells all.


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