(tututulu tutu tuuutuuuuu…..)(Trumpets going off)

We support Sleek. He is our bwoy. In fact, we are in deals with him to have this movie script he has displayed here for free turned into a movie. Watch dis, one time. Over to you home bwoy, Sleek.

First off, BHH rocked. Massive rockery. Baz, the insidious being, didn’t show. He said that he’s on hunger strike till the people of Cambodia get NTV. Noble Baz. But the whole world was there. And (drum roll) even Angie Kintu. She drove straight from Jinja to BHH. Her account of the story included stopping over at a hospital to deliver a baby…but I didn’t believe her. Who delivers a baby and goes for BHH? No even Britney can pull that one off. Ok, I take that back. Twas nice meeting you Angella. Moving swiftly on. Moving on swiftly. As the 20th Century Fox guys above already told you, they approached me to write a script for them. Here goes…come on, don’t be shy, tell them how awesome it is after ya? Ok.


(credits rolling)

Written by: Sleek, also Wild contributed

Produced by: Competent producers

Edited by: Sleek

Starring: Heffner, Hugh

Co-starring: Amazon virgin

(more credits)

Movie name: CONCEPTION

(more credits)


Hugh wakes up with a start. “Oh crap, it was just another one of those dreams. A dream within a dream. But maybe these dreams are telling me something. Oh well…”

He reaches over and taps one of the arms next to him… “Morning sunshine…”


In  a remote place in the Amazon, the Igoo people start their day off long before the sun comes up. They are a very small tribe, the Igoo. They are a place far from civilization, away from the Facebook wench and the only tweeting they know is of actual mating birds. Speaking of mating, the Igoo have a problem. With all the success they have had in the past under their recently deceased leader Bobo, they are now fast approaching extinction. The tribe now consists of 15 belles and 5 boys. And the late Bobos wife. Oddly enough, the tribe has never been exposed to TV so they all don’t know what to do with their loins. All but the late Bobo that is. See Bobo, he was travelled. And he’d watched several things on TV, some too darry for the writer of this script to put here. So when he returned home, he practiced with his wife and soon they were with child. And more child. And even more child. But with his passing, only boys remained on the village, boys barely 3 years old. And Bobos wife, she didn’t know what to do, how to keep the tribe going if she was stuck with mere boys…what to do? What to do?

If only she could propagate the race…the tribe…all this pressure was too much for her….and everyday they all looked at her…expecting an answer…where was Hugh when she needed him? (The late Bobo had shown her a colorful book with many things in it. He said it was written by Heffner, Hugh. Great Bobo, he said that if he ever passed on, Heffner, Hugh would be the answer. The one to lead the Igoo out of the Amazon.)

Super Hugh? Where was he? Where? Where?


(dudu…dudu…dudu..)(pounding headache)

“Heff, are you ok?,” she asked, while walking towards the bath-robed Hugh

“I’m fine Sharyce. Oh, it’s you Charvaan. My bad. I’m ok. It’s just that I keep hearing voices in my head, it’s like they are telling me to…aarrggh”(he falls to one knee)

“There they go again. All speaking at the same time.”

“I’m outta here. This is not what I signed up for.” Shontal turns to leave.

“I can hear them. I can. They are telling me to….hell no, I ain’t doing that. Hell no. Amazon? Hell no”


Due to copyright issues, that’s all that can be shared for now. But sneak preview: Hugh does go to the Amazon. Yes, he does. Does he save the Igoo? Was the movie called ‘Conception’ for nothing? Are there some hot, steamy scenes involving Heffner, Hugh and Bobo’s wife? Are there other hot, steamy scenes involving him and the 15 Igoo belles? All at once? One at a time? Two maybe? Five? Does he make it out alive? Do they turn out to be cannibals? How did Bobo die? Too many questions, too many questions…when the Fox guys give head. A go ahead, we shall publish the rest. Word!


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