Holy Month


Ramadhan is the holy month of fasting for the Muslim. Right now, it has entered the last ten days which are believed to have the time the Koran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W). Amongst these last days is the Night of Power aka Laylat al-Qadr. It is believed that this is the most powerful night of the year. Prayers said on this night are answered and blessings flow like a raging waterfall. Many a Muslim will wait for these days and spend them in earnest prayer. And a few days later, when the fast is over, things will swing back to “normal.” Forgive me but i think this reeks of hypocrisy. A retailer , Henry , says that he likes Ramadhan because in this period most of  his rich Muslim patrons are very receptive and pay on time. They are polite , kind with a smile. Any other time of the year , they are rude and sometimes downright abusive. Its not unusual to hear an Imam lamenting that his congregation is more than halved after Ramadhan. On the other hand, one can hear a sigh of relief coming out of the sales departments of beer  companies on Idd day. Unofficial reports show that alcohol sales plummet during Ramadhan. As for the Condoms, they spike right before Ramadhan and crash only to recover on Idd day. Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of Muslim weddings in the lead up to Ramadhan? The Islamic faith decrees that unmarried couples are not allowed to engage copulation during the fasting period. Diana incredulously asked if that means that they can do it when its not Ramadhan. Apparently so.Unfortunately , Ramadhan is synonymous with increased suicide bombings because of the belief that one who dies during Ramadhan goes straight to Janna <heaven>. The holy month also comes with a resurrection of piety and decency in this month. The hijab and the Kanzu or tunic is the hottest fashion accessory during this period. Slap or insult a Muslim during this period and you will get a humble admonishment. If only it was like this all year round.  But then again , maybe thats why the holy month of Ramadhan is the most important time in a Muslims calendar.


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