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WZ65Please find attached the 65th issue of the WorkZine. The 65th issue of the WorkZine features the African Super hero who can beat the Justice League and Avengers combined. Well, eventually he will be able to . Also included is a tribute story to Dr.Lukwiya who sacrificed his life to prevent the spread of Ebola in Uganda. A satirical interview with a Miss Uganda contestant when the army has taken over the country’s beauty contest. A customer writes an open letter to MTN . How to check if an egg is fresh. Why you have to lie in job interviews. Playlist : Eleven is an odd number. And much more .

This issue is special as it is the first cover page of the WorkZine to feature an animation as it’s cover model; The Guardian.

Do forward to all your friends, colleagues, boss and enemies so that they may forgive your debts. We are always on the lookout for more articles and intriguing people plus organisations to feature. In case you have an idea for us , drop the editor an email


Download your free copy here —-> WorkZine 65


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