BY Philip Njagala

Ring! Ring! goes your TELEPHONE
You know that its me, but u act unbeknown.
Beep! Beep! goes your TELEPHONE
You read my text, it makes u blush,
but your still aloof as the ozone.
Many times i Ring! Ring! your TELEPHONE
But its like getting blood from a stone.
Many times i Beep! Beep! your TELEPHONE
But u just thought me as a spare cologne.
Ring! Ring! goes my TELEPHONE
I know that its u, but I hold my own.
Beep! Beep! goes my TELEPHONE,
I read your text, it makes me gloat, coz i know am more
wanted than the rolling stone.
U now wish for my Ring! Ring! on your TELEPHONE,
As u have now realized u cant go it alone.
U now wish for my Beep! Beep! on your TELEPHONE
Coz its contents had the melody of a xylophone.
Wish u had picked your TELEPHONE,
Before my heart had became as cold as a headstone…
And now you are left to moan, with your pathetic TELEPHONE,
Because am already gone
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