Some things that grind my nuts


By Herbert Crispus <>

I’ve always thought that those stories about varied “numpties” were just jokes and one could not really meet them in the work place but how wrong I was. I know some people with IT degrees who can’t read an instruction manual to save their life. Sexist I know, but they are of the petite gender.

Does anyone read the fine print when installing software? Are we a generation of <Next> clickers but not <Text> readers (OK I don’t usually read these as well but other people should) Why on earth does the taxi tout not sit in the seat just behind the usual seat when a passenger disembarks from that particular seat. I hate that they think they must always stay in the front seat
regardless of the fact that all the passengers in that row are still there. (Is it just me or do these same touts enjoy great comfort at our expense?)

Why is there, in every workplace someone who wants to be your baddé, but for some reason you just can’t stand the dude? Yes, it almost always is a dude. Sometimes when they talk to you, you pretend not to hear a word. But trust them to insist until you recognize their presence. Is it just me or do you all plug in an ear-piece even though there is nothing playing on the computer just so I can totally ignore them without seeming rude? Why do I even care about their feelings?

What is the real importance of having a big wedding? Does it have ANY advantages over a small homely (read cheap) function? A workmate planned something small, but the whole world managed to impose itself on him and now he’s getting to grips with a humongous do.

Ladies, just to alert you, it WILL be a small function (Gosh I hope the trickle of applications doesn’t get cut off completely and I die a bachelor. Or, do I??? Let me get back to you on that one). Why do ladies claim they do not want to be the focus of attention then put on THOSE shoes? You know the ones, the ones that threaten to shatter the cement with each passing step; not to mention our ear-drums. Is this not a cry for attention? If it isn’t, I don’t know what is.

But more than all this I hate door to door salespeople: clothes, trays, bags, begging and whatnot. I can’t abide them. My office looks directly outside  through the gate – it’s a converted house (stop snickering at the back) – and I sit at the door so as you come in the gate and walk up the stairs and look in the front door, they are looking right at me so I can’t avoid being the one to receive them. “Harro, my name is Blah Blah and I am coming from company XYZ running a promotion…” I don’t know how much more I can take before I bust a cap in someone’s a***.

Anyway, this rant must be closed out at some point and I choose this one.

I leave you with the words of Robert Ingersoll “The true civilization is where every man gives to every other every right that he claims for himself”


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