Dial-a-Service (DAS) is a first-of-its-kind, ultra modern, onestop information call centre in Uganda. Wholly owned by indigenous Ugandans, DAS was incorporated in 2008 and started operations in early 2009. DAS was formed with a solution-oriented concept to solve the problem of availability and retrieval of information in Uganda. What we are trying to do is bring an end to all the neshing while looking for Directory services. If you get stuck or lost in tiny Kla looking for a particular company’s premises or contact number, DIAL-a- SERVICE. You like to read, want to inquire about the price and availability of a book/ novel but don’t know the number for Aristoc? DIAL-a-SERVICE! You want to change some money but haven’t looked through the papers yet so you do not know the forex rates? DIAL-a-SERVICE! Want to impress your kyana and take her to a fancy dinner, say Mexican, but do not know if there are any Mexican restaurants in town? DIAL-a- SERVICE! We encourage each and every company to send us mini profiles with full contact address info so we can upload it onto our extensive database. How it works: Dial 0902-000-000 (MTN) or 0901-100-001 (UTL) and ask for information on some of the above categories. The lead numbers are premium numbers so the call charge per unit is higher than usual. MTN – UGX460 per minute, UTL –UGX500 (UTL’s was at UGX1,000! We hustled them to be realistic and bring it down). Besides receiving calls regarding Directory services, we are now getting into Outsourcing. Our infrastructural capabilities allow us to handle multiple calls (inbound and outbound) simultaneously. Telemarketing is one of the services we offer under Outsourcing. Organisations give us a list of prospective customers to whom they want to market, train our call agents on their products and services and we take it and run with it from there. Another
example is Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Want to know what your customers think about your product/service? Give us your customer satisfaction survey questionnaire and let us call them for you. This way you do not have your employees tied up in tasks which are not directly generating revenue.

The next time you are looking for business contacts and addresses or telemarketing and customer satisfaction surveys, DIAL-a-SERVICE! Try it. For further information find us at Plot 13A Lugogo Bypass, Kololo Or call 0312266128/ 0777912680 / 0772860554


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