Not again

By Brian B. Coutinho

Okay okay okay, JEEZ!! For three weeks I’ve been avoiding this moment, three weeks!! And now it has finally caught up with me and my crazy idiot of a workmate has the nerve to ask me what I am writing… and now there he goes putting on the worst music this side of the north pole, what is he mad? And he is looking at me like I am the mad one…. Sheesh!! Wait, just what was I talking about before? Oh yeah, this oaf who passes for an editor. Can you believe he had the nerve to call my hard work well written nothing? I mean seriously, he doesn’t even really do the real editing for the mag, rather zine, all he does is chill in office pretending to do all-nighters when all he is really doing is pulling other peoples strings to do the real work… that and u-tube, and replaying the same all stupid song over and over and over…. I remember signing off last time cuz all I could think of doing at that time was breaking into song and even I couldn’t bear the thought of that, but you’ve shoved me into a corner. Just keep in mind, when people start singing along and you can’t get my song out of your head (I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit and then I’ll have to go pull a Kurt Cobain and go off myself. Wait, you don’t know who Kurt Cobain is? Really? Go google him or something, it’s the beginning of wisdom, google I mean.), you asked for it. (that is what all r n’ b (rap, nonsense, bullshit?) “artistes” do these days right? Put a very old spin on a few random clichés that don’t have to make sense and suddenly every tom mike and Stella is singing along to “ you are my bread andi butter or “kiss me thru the pho –o-o-o-o-o- o -o-o-o-o-oo- one… seriously!!!) Here it comes… wait, he did ask for just half a page, right? I’m saved!!!

<The writer has a problem with deadlines and everybody called Tom, Mike or Stella>


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