Best business lesson i learnt


Provided by Karugaba Roy

You can do this job . You’re new and I’ve been patient with you while you learnt the ropes. But I have to tell you time for improvement is now. I’m not happy with what happened in the meeting, neither am i interested in going back over what went wrong. I’m interested in making sure that everything goes right from here on out. I’m not going to tell you how to do your nuts and bolts , if I thought you needed help like that , you wouldn’t have your job, I’d have never hired you. This “fascination” with money, maybe its because you’re younger. The poisonous flowers of greed. I understand this is how other families work, but please understand this is not what I’ve built or want to build. This is not my tradition it is not what I want to see my family become!!! What I’ve tried to build is a realistic organization based on mutual interests, one that provided services people wanted and profited from the good will that came from that. Money is a by product of a business like that, not an end in itself. Nobody forces anyone to trade with us. They come on their own freewill and they are grateful for the service. That’s paramount, that’s everything. The profits are incidental. The profits are a by product of good relationships, a good reputation that spreads by word of mouth and causes other people to come to us, seeking our services. The same principal applies to people in positions of power. Nobody forces those people to come to us and ask for assistance in getting into those positions. We help people do all of this but it’s their choice. Money ,he said, cheapens everything. As soon as you reduce the business of our tradition to mere money, you are reducing us all to common criminals. This you cannot do. Money is a by-product of doing things the right way, and, once earned, its a means to other ends, be that expansion of the scope of our business or whatever the good life etc. A danger is making money your first impulse, you may miss out on other things we can get that are worth more than money, or that can lead to more money. There are times when providing services for free can lead to profits more than anything else, it’s a balance of course and it takes time to learn it. It doesn’t come to anyone naturally. it comes with lessons learnt and time, like I said earlier maybe its coz your younger. The business relationships we build, as soon as they come to be about money, as soon as what you are handing out is a bribe instead of a tribute, what you’ll find is that people you could trust instead believe they can sell themselves or their services to the highest bidder. And who do you think loses out in the end? Us ,I said.



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