The Office Know it all AKA the bitch


By Barns Impfura <The writer works in Kigali and has an unpronounceable
name. Try >

Every workplace environment is different. However there are several similarities that come to mind when it comes to the characters involved. They may manifest themselves in different ways, but in more cases than not these characteristics will always come out strong. The first one is the office know-itall/criticizer. This person is always a Mr./Mrs. Right. This person thinks they know it all and will always jump to criticize despite the fact that you maybe more experienced or higher ranking than them in the office. This person makes it a point to come to your workstation from time to time to watch you work, complete with commentary. Picture this. The other day I was busytrying to concentrate on writing a report that was way overdue, The office bitch comes hovering my desk and says, ‘This font is not good for this report.’ I was shocked by this comment to which I implored him to explain to me why it isn’t. He answers, “It’s just a bad idea, you have less experience than me and your thinking is illogical.” Upon asking for further explanation, I was told how I have an attitude problem that I need to work on and should listen to people who know how to do things. This character has a hard time minding his/her own business and has flair for jumping at your mistakes and criticizing. Nosy, mouthy, argumentative are some of the words that fit his/her description. He likes to be right but never offers solutions. A master of offering negative feedback without being specific. Very self centered and not a team player. This person usually has a big ego that has to be massaged tenderly so the best way to deal with them is keep asking them for advice on how to do even the smallest things. They will feel flattered by this or frustrated in their bid to make you feel small and they move on to the next person to offer their criticisms.


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