Until Liquidation do us apart


Rwakigumba Ronald.< It is not certain where the writer is working at the moment.>

2 days officially out of school, a close friend of mine (as I would like to think) quit his job and was moving on to wherever.I thought to myself how dare he resign, how could he leave this woman called company, worse still she was expecting child as customers were at their maximum. ‘Traitor!’ I felt like screaming out loud. Many days on I found myself wearing a yellow t-shirt (actually I had 2 and I kept rotating them through the week as I washed one at a time – with a few repetitions more than once). When I actually got the 3rd shirt I gave it out so that I could keep up appearances as someone working in a big position in the grottos telecom company famous for being yellow. Job description; sell as many Sim cards on the streets of Wandegeya, Bwaise, Kawenpe, Maganjo, upto Luwero. Later I was switched to Ntinda, Najeera, Kiwatule, Kireka, Nakawa Market, as no one monitored I stopped by my famous kiosk in MUBS and sold a few simcards off and most of the time I was explaining to them on how they should read hard as they too might be ‘lucky’ to get a job like mine. I even took a very expensive lady to an expensive restaurant and ranted on how I was this all important guy, and yes I did pay through the pores of my skin. Kibuli, Kabusu, Namuwongo, Luzira, Kitintale, Wakiso, Nansana (mukilokole), and Kasubi, sim cards sold like nothing. Anyway this lie about a good life soon came to an end. From selling LG tv’s to Televison airtime, to clearing and forwarding services and finally to Apparel in Jinja(accommodation too expensive), Mukono, Kayunga, Mayuge(very dull town), Soroti (beautiful ladies there), Mbale (the chapaties are too big, and hotel rooms too small), Kumi(too dry, dusty park), Sironko, Bugiri(too many prostitutes), Kamuli(very polite people)…. I knew it was time to leave the profession when I passed by a notice reading ‘ no hawkers allowed” and was not sure if I was allowed. With the ‘false’ promise of being the best marketer I called the game off and have at least managed a year with my previous employer. A sign that things are changing – for the better – as I would like to think. So there you are. I think my friend whom I called a traitor is a saint when compared with my ‘terrible’ record. So it seems I am not as faithful as I thought I was or ‘ought’ to be. For you is it ‘ntil liquidation do you  apart’ or are you a traveler like I was or might still be? Are you ‘building a career’ or are you beating your own path. Whatever your choice is, remember to seize the moment, live to your true potential, set your own goals, live your life on your own terms, reach for the silver of the moon and when you reach ‘there’ do not leave too soon, for right there in that moment is all we laboured for. Spare a little wine for me, as I hope to arrive as well. Bon Voyage.


  1. Very funny Ronald…I love the little descriptions about all the towns you travelled to…but I hope you do not go back to Bugiri…keep writing!

  2. Interesting,

    Jane, With the Road between Bugiri and Iganga now completed, next time i find myself in Bugiri, will definitely take a taxi back to Iganga for the night. I actually found a nice convent-managed guest house in Jinja with a requirement for couples to be legally married. Wherever i will be, i always miss that convent. pure peace, dignity, solitude and a family like feeling – which is so priceless for us blessed to live on the road.



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