What’s in your contract

Worker Chained to Desk --- Image by © Bill Varie/CORBIS
There is this here my friend with the fictional name of say Daniel. He works in a prestigious multinational company that really doesn’t pay him that well but its all good. He wouldn’t mind leaving but there is a problem. He has to pay his employer in order to quit. Yes. He has to pay his employers when he wants to quit. There is a little piece of paper he signed that was an addendum to his contract. In a few words, it stated that for whatever training he undergoes,if he tries to leave within a two year period after any training,he has to pay up to a maximumof 100% or a minimum of 25% of the total cost the company spent on him. Which would not be too bad if they didn’t keep giving him training in South Africa, America ,Europe. Expenses involved amount to the thousands of dollars. Over ten times the salary.For the company,they have found a great way to keep employees hooked into the system.For the employee, it just means that you are a slave for life.Some organizations encourage employees to get special tailored loans which are tied directly to being employed with them


  1. i thought this article would be longer than it is, there is a problem with ugandans when it comes to contracts, aside from the fact that employees can work for as long as two years without ever signing their contracts, the contracts themselves could take as long as the duration of the contract still in “processing”

    its a crazy world we live in and dont check out my website, its coming soon and might not even be on that domain …

  2. i wrote a bunch of stuff and dont know where the hell it disappeared to after hitting add comment so am afraid this is gonna be my comment … a comment about an unsubmitted comment that totally wasnt my fault …


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