It could be worse

If you thought your job was bad : Three resident tutors in one of the top secondary schools were watching an adult movie in one of their colleagues room. After sometime, one of them gets up and walks out of the room. A few minutes later, the remaining two hear the door opening and don’t bother to turn. Thinking that its their companion returning, they
continue watching and start making jokes about how the guy had had to go to the bathroom to help himself.They hear the door closing. Thinking the other dude was pissed, they give it no more attention. The next morning, the headmaster , in front of the whole school, castigates them for watching a blue movie.Points them out to the whole school. All the students they have power over are snickering. And it gets worse: they are not fired. Soif you thought your job was bad,trust them , it could be worse!!


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Peter – Centenary Bank


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